Did you know that Camposol D has 6 roundabouts and a triangle? It also has 10km of external roads, with Calle Babinas being the longest. All these are planted with palms, yuccas, shrubs and seating areas. Finally there are 5 tiered gardens off Calle Piteras. Maintaining these areas is the task of the Gardening Team. It is a year-round job; a bit like painting the Forth Bridge! You just finish and then have to start at the beginning again. In our case it is strimming, weeding, spraying, pruning shrubs and plants and of course trimming the palms and yuccas. 

What does this involve?

The unsung job is weed killing. The weeds get everywhere and this year with the heavy rain and now very warm weather, they have grown at a fast rate. In most cases they can be killed off by spraying, but in the difficult areas they have to be removed by hand; a soul-destroying job that requires getting down on your knees and pulling out the weeds. This is not the nicest of jobs, made more difficult by having to avoid the dog mess left by inconsiderate dog owners!  

The team also uses environmental weed killer and a programme of spraying ensures weeds are kept to a minimum.  This often involves team members spraying at the weekend on top of the usual Wednesday morning.  This is the only way the team can keep on top of the blighters. As you can imagine with the area that needs maintaining this is a major task.

Pruning is another major task. This ranges from trimming the rows of oleander hedging along the external roads, which I am sure you will have noticed as you drive along Cavachos. These hedges were pruned last year and are now flowering and looking beautiful. I wish we knew how many palms, yucca and cacti need pruning. Maybe some year we will count them! Pruning them is not easy and you will often hear a shout from a member of the team who has got stabbed with the thorns and prickles. (A polite shout of course, no swear words allowed!) 

Maintaining the large garden areas such as the Memorial Gardens brings together all of the above tasks, coupled with general tidying up, raking the gravel and upkeep of the paths. All the hard work is worth it however, when you stand back and see the results.

This is just a day, week, month or year in the life of the Gardening Team and when you ask the members why they do it, it is because they enjoy it and they see the difference it makes to Camposol D. The Gardening Team is just one part of Camposol D Community and Gardening Group and the reason for explaining what they do is to encourage you to support the overall group by giving generously every Friday to the ‘Bucket, now Net Collection’. Your donations support not just the Gardening Team, but all the work that Camposol Sector D Group does, including supporting the community, organising events and sponsoring projects. A big thank you to residents on Camposol D.