The Department of Culture of Mazarrón City Council organizes the exhibition of José Carlos Ñíguez in Town Hall which was inaugurated on September 23 and can be visited until November 12, 2022
The author José Carlos Ñíguez Carbonell, was born in Cartagena in 1954. He is a Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Paediatrics. He started in photography in the 80s in a self-taught way, although it is from 2007 when he decided to bring his work to light. He has won numerous national and international awards and has participated in numerous group and individual exhibitions. His works are in numerous private collections both inside and outside our borders as well as in official organizations and institutions.

About his work he explains:

“Sea: silences and enigmas is an exhibition that proposes to the viewer, on the one hand, the reflection on the infinite and the relationship of antagonistic concepts such as: space/time, emptiness/fullness, imagination/reality, light/darkness, presence/absence, harmony/chaos or the immaterial and, on the other hand, it proposes a journey in search of dream worlds and the enigmas that the eternal sea hides: a lyrical atlas of intimate territories lost in the nebula of time and memory.

They are minimalist, meditative spaces, in which not all the elements are recognizable, to which we have never been, mysterious and disturbing, where the concrete coexists with the abstract, suggesting an invisible kingdom of the mind, a plastic representation of our most intimate.

For these purposes I resort to the most emotional, literary and abstract visual language of black and white. The lack of colour forces us to use our imagination, appealing to our most emotional part, favouring without distractions, the search for these silences and enigmas, although we will always have the following questions that Mario Benedetti summarizes in his poem El Mar:

What is the sea perchance?

Why fascinates the sea? What does it mean that enigma that remains
over here and beyond the horizon?”

The exhibition “Sea // Silences and Enigmas” can be visited until November 12, 2022.