Donkeys playing
Donkeys playing

Yolanda and Juan’s entire lives revolve around animals. People who know them always turn to them to help where they can. They have been left animals, nursing mothers and their cubs; most of them in very bad condition. All of this has been personally funded by this amazing couple. No-one bringing the animals ever offered any financial help!

The Guardia Civil will ask for their help, because in cases of domestic violence, the woman and her children will be taken in to a safe facility, but they cannot take the animals. They were asked for help after a man with 4 dogs and a donkey died and his heirs did not want to take responsibility for them. The animals were to be put to sleep, but Yolanda and Juan managed to get the dogs adopted. No-one wanted an old donkey in such terrible condition, so to prevent the donkey from being slaughtered, they took it to a Murcian horse-riding club, paying for everything; transportation, accommodation, food, farrier, trainer and veterinarian treatment (castration, vaccines, medication, chip, de-worming). The news quickly spread that Yolanda and Juan, in addition to dogs, cats, and rabbits, now also rescued equines and the rest, as they say, is history!

Luna and Estrella
Luna and Estrella

They reached a total of 9 equines under their care and the expenses were enormous. Juan and Yolanda had no option but to ask the bank for a loan. This was to ensure they could continue with their work. They mortgaged the land and took a further bank loan to ensure that they could continue their work as they needed better quality food, as well as other vital improvements to the facility. Legal permits were requested to enable the animals to reside there, as to keep horses on your land in Spain you need a licence known as a ‘REGA’ number. Juan and Yolanda privately funded a total of 9 horses to reside at the riding club. Only the pigs could live at the sanctuary until the necessary licences were in place. Now, almost 2 years later and in the midst of a pandemic, they decided to set up a legal, non-profit charity to enable them to officially ask for some financial help to continue helping animals.

Mission Statement

Help Us Help You


We rescue and help recuperate all kinds of animals that have been exploited, abused, mistreated and/or abandoned.

Those considered ‘farm’ and ‘exotic’ will be homed in the Sanctuary to live happily and with dignity for the remainder of their lives.

Those that are considered ‘domestic’ are cared for until we find suitable adoptions where we can be assured that they receive the warmth of a home they deserve.

We organise activities to educate and make the population aware of being respectful to both animals and the environment.


Make a difference: Register for teaming.

Become a valuable team member.


A monthly euro donation will help towards vet fees and everyday care. If we could get 1,000 teamers just think what we could do! There are tax advantages if you team for us, as we claim a 75% tax reduction. We currently have 72 teamers which is a fantastic start, but we need many more.


This provides one to one interaction for the sponsors of their chosen animals and gives some priority visiting to the Sanctuary to allow pampering, grooming and feeding a few treats during your hour visit. Those partially sponsoring an animal donate €20 per month which covers a percentage of the total cost of their keep, but by no means all of it. Please message 630 734 040 to arrange to visit the Sanctuary and choose who you want to be your special friend.



There is plenty of land for the animals and pens are already in place with shaded areas. There is mains water with automatic water dispensers delivering cool, fresh, unlimited drinking water.  Horses can drink up to 80 litres per day in the height of the summer, so water and shade are essential. 

Future Plans

Our first priority is to build a brick building for dogs, cats and other small animals. We would also like to partition some of the pens to separate animals such as the sheep and goats. We want to invest in more shade and improve our exercise area. 


Currently it is only possible for current sponsors to visit without a prior appointment. To make an appointment please call or message 630 734 040 

Fund Raising

A Quiz was held on 5th May at The Diner, Camposol B. Sue Pipe made us feel very welcome and we have been given a whopping €503! We would also like to thank the following businesses for their generous raffle prizes: T J Electricals, Rose Parker Studio & Art Gallery, The Salon, CHM, Kelly Kasey Smith (Iberoptima). We also received some lovely prizes from existing sponsors and members of the public. 

Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte (Otto Animal Sanctuary) 

Find us on the back service road near Camposol A
Contacts: Juan and Yolanda
Tel/WhatsApp 653 958 705

Registered Charity Number G02839298

Facebook: Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte 
YouTube: Otteando El Horizonte Santuario Animalista