What a Disappointing Day

The autumn racing season for SAMM sailors should have started in September, but once again other events at CTD caused a delay, so everybody was really looking forward to the first races on October 9th.

Jack Moss and John Down
Jack Moss and John Down

A disappointment awaited as the weather refused to cooperate. The normal start time came and went with no wind, so the first race was delayed for an hour, so did not start until 12.15pm when a little wind had materialised. Five boats started; one took 17 minutes to cross the start line after the gun, made minimal progress and soon retired, while the other took 20-30 minutes to complete a lap (normally boats lap in 9/10 minutes).

The race was Average Lap format of an hour’s duration; the slowest boat only completing 2 laps, the fastest 4 laps. The winner was Shoestring Omega crewed by John Down and Jack Moss.

The wind died away to nothing, so although the second race did start, it was abandoned by the race officer after 30 minutes as three boats had retired and the remaining two hadn’t even reached the first mark!

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