SAMM Cruising Group EnjoyLunch Meeting

SAMM Cruising meal

Members of the SAMM Cruising and Independent Group and friends recently met for one of their bi-annual social gathering lunches at the Mar Menor Club de Regatas Los Alcazares, before group coordinator Heather had to return to the UK under the 90 day rule and a good time was enjoyed by all.

The Cruising Group comprises owners of sailing cruisers and other SAMM members who are available and interested in crewing. Most boats are currently based in marinas close to the Mar Menor. Boats make regular, often weekly day-sails along the Mediterranean coast or on the Mar Menor and back to their home port, anchoring for lunch and having a swim in suitable weather. Sometimes they have longer trips for an overnight stay at another marina or at anchor somewhere like Tabarca Island.

Regular two or three week cruises, often in company as a small flotilla, North to say Denia, South towards Almeria or across to the Balearic Islands are also organised most years. 

SAMM is always looking for new boat owners to join the Cruising Group so, if you have a boat in a marina between Cartagena and Guardamar and want to meet and sail with like-minded people: email 

SAMM Race Season Starting

The 2023 SAMM Racing Season kicks off on Sunday March 19th. This year, at the request of members for some mid-week racing, there will be racing every Sunday for three weeks, then on Wednesday for the 4th week. This pattern will continue throughout the season.

With such a mixed fleet, experience shows that the Average Lap System works best. This is where all boats compete to do as many laps as possible in a given time, usually one hour. However there will be the occasional Pursuit Race or a longer distance race.

Boats are handicapped, just like golfers, using the RYA PY system, but adjusted to suit our fleet and conditions. The system works well as every boat that raced in 2022 was triumphant at least once, showing that the handicaps are accurate.

Our racing takes place on the Mar Menor from our base at the CAR Centre at Los Narejos and only bad weather or other events at CAR will stop us from racing. Non-SAMM members of any nationality and other boats are welcome to join us given prior notice via the email below, but must have insurance for racing. Registration is at 10am. There are normally two 1hr races back-to-back and the first race starts at about 11am.

For more information go to the SAMM website at or email