Sadly our call volumes are on the rise again after a quieter few months and September was our busiest month for six months. As always, our dedicated team of listeners are working extremely hard to continue to provide their time to ensure that this invaluable service endures and our dedicated shop volunteers continue to provide their time to allow the organisation to function. We could not do it without you all, so thank you to all our wonderful volunteers.

Most of you will be aware that our Masquerade Ball, which was planned for 8th October at La Nueva Taberna, Mazarrón Country Club, was cancelled by the venue due to slow ticket sales.  We are deeply sorry to anyone who had purchased tickets and masks etc and to those people who had booked. We thank you for your support. We hope to hold another function, albeit much smaller, somewhere in the Mazarrón locality soon. Please keep an eye out on social media for details.

The World Health Organisation World Mental Health Day is on 10th October every year. This year we were represented on a small stand in The Food Co, Mazarrón on Tuesday 4th and Saturday 8th October. Thank you to anybody who came and said hello and donated to us. 

Our Walk Tall Bare All campaign continues as our current call data for 2022 shows that of the calls received so far this year, approximately two-thirds have been from females and only one-third from males. We are hoping that our campaign will encourage males to call us more readily. The author of this article, the Trustee Treasurer for Samaritans in Spain, was one of the brave men who took part in the photoshoot. He is the second in from the left in the photo!!  

If you think ‘off-loading’ would help you, or if you know someone who needs to offload, Samaritans in Spain lines are open from 10am-10pm every day of the year and our fully trained listeners are available if you need to talk. Remember we are here for you and together we are stronger. The number to call is FREEPHONE 900 525 100.

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