I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and welcome to 2023.  We know that January can be a hard month for many people. The lull after the festive period combined with colder weather can make you feel sad. Please do not forget that our listeners are available to talk to you if you are feeling low and need an outlet. The service is fully confidential and there is no shame in seeking help if you need it.

Thank you to all our Trustees, our Admin Helpers, our Listeners and our Shop Volunteers for everything that you do for Samaritans in Spain.  2022 was a good year for the organisation. We held our own financially with the shop performing magnificently and our new training packages started and were a tremendous success, with many new Volunteers being trained for the first time since before the Covid lockdown.  We could not function without all our Volunteers, so thank you again.  

On Saturday 26th November 2022, (seems so long ago!!), the Samaritans in Spain Charity Shop, located at the Punta Marina Commercial Centre, held its first Christmas Fayre since Covid. There were Christmas decorations, plus pre-decorated Christmas trees and we also held a Tombola and Coffee Morning. The event was well attended and the Shop Volunteers, supported by some of the Trustees, made the event a great success as a total of 575€ was raised.

Our Walk Tall Bare All campaign continues and our call data for 2022 showed that of the calls received, approximately two-thirds were from females and only one-third from males. We are hoping that our campaign will encourage males to call us more readily.  As the poster says, Put It Out There!

If you think off-loading would help you, or if you know someone who needs to offload, Samaritans in Spain lines are open from 10am-10pm every day of the year and our fully trained Listeners are available if you need to talk. Remember we are here for you and together we are stronger. The number to call is FREEPHONE 900 525 100

Are you able to help Samaritans in Spain to help others?

If you would like to donate to us, you can do so on PayPal: paypal@samaritansinspain.com

If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor us in any way, please contact us at treasurer.spainsams@gmail.com or pat@samaritansinspain.com