Our call volumes were a little lower over the Christmas and New Year period and into early January. We would have expected this, however regardless of this, our dedicated team of Listeners are working extremely hard to continue providing their time to ensure that this invaluable service endures and our dedicated shop Volunteers continue to provide their time to allow the organisation to function. We could not do it without you all. Thank you to all our wonderful Volunteers.

The first couple of months of a new year can be a hard time for many people. The euphoria of the festive season will have worn off, the weather, even in Spain, is a little colder and social activities can sometimes be fewer.  If you, or anybody you know, are feeling lonely or depressed and need to talk, then do not hesitate to call us, even if it is for 5 minutes, or for one time only, it may just help. 

Our Walk Tall Campaign continues into 2023.  This campaign has been a huge success for us and we believe it has encouraged more men to call us since it started.  The message is clear; Do not cover up your feelings. Let them out and call us if you need to.

If you think off-loading would help you, or if you know someone who needs to offload, Samaritans in Spain lines are open from 10am-10pm every day of the year and our fully trained Listeners are available if you need to talk. Remember we are here for you and together we are stronger. The number to call is FREEPHONE 900 525 100.

Are you able to help Samaritans in Spain to help others?

If you would like to donate to us, you can do so on PayPal at: paypal@samaritansinspain.com

If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor us in any way, please contact us at treasurer.spainsams@gmail.com or pat@samaritansinspain.com  

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