Are you desperately in need of help in times of COVID and economic crisis?
If you are in emotional distress and need to offload, please call and speak to a Samaritans in Spain listener FREE on 900 525 100 which is operational 10am-10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is confidential and is managed by trained listeners.

In addition to the Freephone number we also have a Drop-In Centre at our
Punta Marina HQ, this allows walk-ins and the opportunity to talk, COVID
safely, to a trained listener. Without your generosity we would not be able
to provide either of these facilities, so thank you to everybody who supports

If you are British and need financial support, the British Benevolent
Fund (BBF) has information about how to apply for a grant at https://

Can you help us to help others?

Our call rate at Samaritans is currently 70-80% higher than normal. Can
you afford just 1€ per month to help us keep the service running? If so
please visit or please donate
via Paypal on our website

If you would like to volunteer to become either a Listener or a Shop
Volunteer, please visit our website for
further information.