Welcome to autumn and I guess autumn will be very welcome as the temperatures become more manageable here in Spain.

This year has certainly not turned out as anyone expected. Indeed, the start of this new decade has provided all sorts of challenges and, I suspect, raised all sorts of questions. So much of what we took for granted and counted upon as certain has been pulled from under us like the proverbial rug. For many, this ‘new normal’ has provided unexpected opportunities, whilst for others it has resulted in unwelcome anxieties.

Maybe there is more to life than we have ever thought about. Deep down, perhaps, we have always had questions but never had the time or inclination to ask.

Is there more to look forward to after death?
Is there such a thing as ultimate truth?
Why do we struggle in this world with illness, inequality and seemingly bad luck?

We would love to invite you to join us on our forthcoming ‘Alpha Course’.
Over a series of 11 weekly sessions, beginning Thursday 1st October (am), it’s an opportunity to ask question, air your views, listen to what others have to say and take the opportunity to assess what the Christian faith has to offer. There are no strings attached and no obligations to fulfil.
The course is online, so it is convenient to join in from the comfort of your own home. Also, it’s free!

To find out more, simply contact us on andy.neale@saltchurch.es and we will gladly send you more information. Fear not, you will not be harassed or harangued, but you and your questions will be most welcome.
Take care and stay safe

Pastor Andy Neale
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