What are you doing tomorrow?

Maybe it is something mundane and domestic like shopping and cleaning, or routine like the same-old, same-old work.  It may be that you have something exciting planned with family and friends, or maybe you are dreading the hours that will stretch out before you.

What if tomorrow doesn’t come?

People die each day of course and there are statistics to inform us what to expect, but it is always tragic when we lose someone before their time is due; when they are otherwise fit and healthy, young in age or victims of circumstances beyond their control. Times like these particularly bring us up short and we come face-to-face with our own mortality.

If tomorrow were not to come for you, are you confident about what happens next?

Maybe you are one who believes that when we die, that’s it; we are no more, we simply cease to exist.  If that is you, then any thought that there is a God to whom we must give and account to and the concept of heaven and hell probably seems like some kind of medieval slavery to religious superstition or indoctrination; more opium for the masses!

If that is correct and when we die, that is the end, then that’s OK; all is good, because neither of us have anything to lose or worry about. All that has happened is that my faith has given me comfort and support through my time here on Planet Earth.  However, if that is not the case and the Bible is actually correct, then that puts another complexion on the matter.  

If the Bible is spot-on, then coming face-to-face with our own mortality is something
worth pondering upon today, especially if tomorrow doesn’t come.

Maybe you are not entirely sure what the Bible has to say about life, death and life-after-death.  If that is the case then speak to someone you know who is a Christian, contact your local Church or get in touch with us.  Here at Salt Church, Los Alcazares, we are just ordinary people who believe and trust in an extraordinary God.

Currently we are meeting at the Hotel 525 in Los Alcazares in the first-floor conference room (Salon Z) and our services begin at 10.45am.

Kind regards and every blessing

Pastor Andy Neale

Salt Church, Los Alcazares 


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