What questions were you asking thirty years ago?
Maybe it was about your career prospects, or simply getting a job during times of recession.

Perhaps it was wondering if you would get married and have children.
On the other hand, your concerns may have been more ordinary and every day.

As the years pass, though, I wonder if our questions veer off in a different direction. Getting older undoubtedly changes our perspective on all sorts of things and, just maybe, one of the questions we might be asking concerns ‘What next?’

What about matters of faith, hope and reason?

It has been said that there are only two things we can be certain of in this life; the obligation to pay our taxes and death itself. As the months morph into years which, in turn, suddenly become decades, perhaps questions of life, death and life after death become more relevant, important or even urgent. The Christian faith has much to say about these questions although many folk have been put off exploring what it has to say because of scepticism or disillusionment about institutional religion.

If that’s you, then may we offer you an opportunity that is open, honest, non-threatening and, above all, free!

Salt Church Los Alcázares is running an online Alpha Course beginning in October.

Alpha is an open environment where it is easy for anyone to join in to ask your questions, voice your opinions and hear what others have to say.

If you want to know more we would love to invite you to sign up for Session One of Alpha Online: THURSDAY 1st OCTOBER 3.30pm.

Why not join us for session one and see if Alpha is for you?
Simply click on the link below and register for an invitation:
Whatever questions you might have today, join us at Alpha and feel free to ask away!

Pastor Andy Neale

Salt Church Los Alcazares
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