What if there is no Plan B?

In much of today’s world, the idea that there is ‘A’ God is often lampooned.  We see caricatures of an angry old man up there in the sky wagging His finger down at a sinful society, or perhaps some kind of hapless character who is unable to cope or comprehend what is going on down here on planet earth.

The God of the Bible, though, is a very different matter.  It is within these pages that we read of a loving Father who is both just and compassionate: 

‘Just’, in the sense of being pure, He can have nothing to do with anything or anyone that does not live up to His teaching and instruction.  

‘Compassionate’ in that He is fully aware that none of us can ever reach those heady heights!

The story of the Bible is an epic tale of rescue; a cunning plan to bring planet earth and its inhabitants back to where it was always intended to be.  The hero of this particular adventure we know is Jesus or Yeshua.  The whole thing hangs together in His life, His death, His resurrection and His return, but, of course, the plan will not hang together if none of this is true; if He didn’t really live, if He didn’t really die and if He wasn’t really resurrected. The whole things goes up a cloud of smoke or collapses like a house of cards.  The Bible itself tells us that if we believe this stuff and it is not true, then we of all people are almost to be pitied!  We can forget about Church and religion and we could go off and play golf, do some retail therapy, wander some sandy beaches or whatever else floats your boat. 

If it is true and Jesus lived and died and was resurrected, then He will return and this time not as a Saviour but as judge.  The Bible tells us clearly that this cunning plan is the only cunning plan. There are no alternatives on offer. There are no second actions and there is no ‘Plan B’.

Well, I don’t know what you think about all of this, with you giving it any consideration, but how about talking to someone you know who is a Christian, contacting your local Church, or maybe get in touch with us, because if there is no ‘Plan B’ then surely this could be worth a thought.  We are just ordinary people who believe and trust in an extraordinary God,

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Kind regards and every blessing

Pastor Andy Neale

Salt Church Los Alcazares 


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