Is Jesus boring?

Many years ago, there was an academic who was inspired to bring together a collection of what Jesus said after the Resurrection.  He felt it would be a useful reference for preachers, Bible teachers and theology students.  This he duly did and the book was published under the not very adventurous title of ‘Sayings of The Risen Jesus’.

Unfortunately, this particular gentleman went under the name of Mr Eugene Boring, so when the book came out in its physical form and was placed upon a library shelf, the spine actually read ‘Boring Sayings of the risen Jesus’. As you might imagine, just about every Bible college student wanted one just for the craic!

Many centuries beforehand, another man collected some sayings of Jesus; his name was John and we can read his writings in what we have as the fourth gospel in the New Testament. However, if we read closely and with an open mind, the sayings of Jesus are far from boring; in fact that can be regarded as somewhat controversial.

In particular there are seven times when Jesus says “I am…” followed by a symbol, image or expression which has been carefully chosen to describe something of who He is and what He is about.  Each one of them is like a precious jewel and put together they form a crown fit for the King of kings. 

“I am…the Light of the world, the Bread of life and the Good Shepherd.”

Perhaps the most controversial of all is when Jesus claims to be ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’.

In an age where we like to think all roads lead to God, the question we have to ask is this: “Is Jesus being accurate or arrogant?” If He is being arrogant then He is best avoided, but if He is being accurate then it gives us something significant to think about; not just for ourselves, but those we know and love and, indeed, not only for this life, but for whatever lies beyond the grave.

Maybe there is something in it?

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