What a difference a year makes…8736 little hours!
Thinking back to 8th March 2020, the fledgling Salt Church, Los Alcazares was meeting for only the 10th Sunday service in its short history. We were 34 in number and sang songs of praise to God, prayed our prayers, read the Bible and explored its meaning. Afterwards we enjoyed fellowship over coffee in the wonderful surroundings of the Las Claras Community Centre. Following that we went on our way looking forward to repeating the experience seven days later. And then – ‘it’ happened.

Apart from a few weeks respite in the summer, we have, for the time being, become an ‘internet church’. Before that we had never heard of Zoom; would not have known a ‘screen share’ if it had come and slapped us in the face!

But it is what it is and we are more than grateful for the technology which makes it possible to continue meeting together even though we are apart.

The strange times linger and we continue to wonder when the light will show itself to reveal the end of the tunnel. Nevertheless, this is also the season to perhaps stop and ponder if there might be more to this world and the lives we lead than meets the eye. This is also an ideal time to contemplate what the Christian faith has to offer in terms of answers.
If you would like an invitation to a Sunday service, then simply use the link below:

Likewise if you have questions about the Christian faith, then please do get in touch (details below).

Kind regards and every blessing
Pastor Andy Neale

Salt Church, Los Alcazares
‘Adding flavour to life’

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