We may be building houses but are we cultivating communities?

If we only casually flick through the news headlines or the plethora of ‘click baits’ on social media we can be forgiven for believing that just about everyone and everything is ‘in crisis’.

Whether it be the cost of living, the rise in rent along with a shortage of accommodation, unemployment, the climate, pressure on businesses or the decline of the High Street, it is bad news all round.

On a recent visit to the UK, it was apparent there was certainly evidence that some sort of response was being made to address the housing situation and the desperate need for places for people to live in. Travelling the green and pleasant (if somewhat rainy) highways and byways of England, developments of all shapes and sizes were under construction.

However, it occurred to me that whilst all this property is being built, there was precious little thought given to any kind of supporting infrastructure. Whether these piles of bricks would become executive detached mansions, three bedroom family houses, flats or studio apartments, it became clear that there seem to be no room for shops, schools, medical centres, libraries, sports facilities, community centres and, dare I even suggest, churches?

Today’s established cities, towns and villages began their lives in a more humble way and evolved over time, growing as the demand beckoned. In response, the aforementioned infrastructure came into being.

The building of houses, flats and apartments is surely only part of the picture. Are we building mere dormitories without cultivating communities? Without local resources and efficient and affordable public transport links, it surely means that residents in these new properties need to travel for just about everything which, in turn, feeds another ‘crisis’, that of the seemingly dreaded motor car.

In defence, and looking at the other side of the coin, it can be said that in this modern age we can achieve everything we need online and that is true. But does that not add to yet other ‘crisis’; that of isolation, loneliness and issues of mental health?

Yes, we may be building houses, but are we cultivating communities?
I don’t know what you reckon, but it’s worth a thought…

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