No greater love has a man than to lay down his life for another….

This is a well-known saying and very poignant at this time of year as we enter the season of Remembrance. Whilst it might not be universally known to be a verse from the Bible, it first applies to Jesus, but many have drawn parallels with those who sacrificially gave of their lives and still do, in defence of their nation and fellow countrymen.

There are many parts of the world that carry the reminders of the scars that such conflicts inevitably leave. Each year, many take the time to visit the last resting place of loved ones and such graveyards are all-too full of headstones, many bearing the symbol of a cross. 

Indeed, many today wear some form of cross; be it a necklace, earrings, some other form of jewellery or even a tattoo. However, if it is suggested that we swap that for something depicting a gallows, a guillotine, a gas chamber or something that administers a lethal dose, then maybe that is not so attractive. The Bible clearly states that Jesus died by crucifixion.

Such a symbol of Roman crucifixion speaks of the most abhorrent and violent form of execution ever known to mankind. Seen in that light, it puts a somewhat different complexion on wearing such an adornment.

For the born-again, Spirit filled Christian believer, though, the Cross of Jesus Christ has an added layer of meaning.  For sure, the agony of all that Jesus suffered only enhances the awe and wonder of what He did.  The crucifixion of Christ was not a divine error; rather the most selfless act of grace ever in the whole history of everything. There is a lot of theology that can explain all of this in much detail, but perhaps it can be simplified in this one statement: “We humans are more sinful than we ever dare contemplate, but we are also more loved by God than we ever can fully contemplate is possible.”

No greater love had Jesus than He gave His life for each and every one of us. 

If we don’t fully appreciate the horror of crucifixion and we don’t fully appreciate the price He paid to enable us to be on the right side at the final judgement of God, then surely we have not fully understood what it means to wear a cross. Whether or not we accept what He has done and respond as He commands that is up to each of us and each of us alone.

Idon’t know what you think but it’s worth a thought.

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