Long Live the King!

This month sees an event which not so many Brits have witnessed before in their lifetime. The Coronation of King Charles 111 comes after many years in waiting and the coverage of the event will be on a very different level from when his mother took her vows before God on 2nd June 1953 in Westminster Abbey.

Charles, like other Royal heads in Europe, is what we call a Constitutional Monarch and this is a far cry from the kings of old who rode out to battle and ruled with an iron fist.

There will be many who will be cheering the parade as well as those who are less joyful because they hold more of a republican mindset.  However, no-one will be in fear of their lives if they are not seen to be waving their Union flags!

Perhaps because our only experience is of a Constitutional Monarchy, we do not really understand the Bible when it speaks of the Kingdom of God.

We can all too easily regard the Creator of the Universe as a benevolent uncle who waves from afar, smiles benevolently at any of us who bother to turn out to attend Church services and pleads for everyone to get on with their neighbour. However, the God of the Bible is far more than that.

He has a passion for justice and holiness, but justice and holiness as defined by Him. This God will not tolerate any competitors or pretenders to the throne. His Word is His bond and it is not up for debate or update.

Having said that, the God of the Bible is no medieval ogre who does not suffer fools gladly or tolerate troublemakers.  The Scriptures tell us that He is slow to anger and swift to bless, but this King requires His subjects to come to Him with genuine honesty in respect of our faults, failings and foibles as well as giving Him the respect He is due.

When Jesus began His earthly ministry, He opened His manifesto by saying, “Repent and believe because the Kingdom of God is at hand.” 

Notice that before ‘belief’ comes ‘repentance’ and there’s the rub.

Perhaps, we are all too often a people who want the benefits of residency in the Kingdom of God and receive the blessings of the King, but we are never quite willing to adhere to the requirements that citizenship requires.

I don’t know what you reckon, but it’s worth a thought…

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