Are What Were Once Vices Now Habits?

In many ways the 1970’s were a dreadful decade; strikes, three-day weeks, shortages and rationing, but it was also a great era for music!

Growing up through my teens I would spend hours listening to my favourite artistes on vinyl records – the first time around! One of the bands that came to prominence during those years was The Doobie Brothers and they released an album called, ‘What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits.’ I guess it was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek commentary on the legacy left by the 1960’s, The Swinging 60’s.

Well, if that was the case, then how much more is it the situation today?

What were once vices are, indeed, now habits and what was once perhaps a catchy title for a rock album is now powerful prophecy: anything goes!

Is it just me or do we not see a direct link between the increasing liberal agenda, so often aggressively imposed upon us and a parallel rise in all sorts of mental health issues, depression, confusion about our identity and the breakdown of family life? Are we a society that is increasingly fearful about the future and is this not what happens when what were once vices now become habits?

To paraphrase a verse from the Bible, from the New Testament, it says everything may be permissible, but is it beneficial? I don’t know what you reckon, but it’s worth a thought…

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