What are the odds?

All of the world’s major religions have a leader, a hero, one that they look up to and worship.  Those who follow the Christian faith are no different – or perhaps they are!

The Bible is clear that Jesus lived and He died but also, He rose from the dead and ascended back into heaven from whence He had come.  In addition, this same Jesus will return once again to Planet Earth; yet not this time as a cutesy baby in a remote part of the Roman Empire but as King of kings and Lord of lords.  In fact, the Bible teaches that He returns as Judge of all. But what are the odds of that being true?

Bible scholars have identified something in the region of 450+ prophecies or predications concerning the coming of the Messiah or Christ. But, let’s just take eight of the clearest and most obvious of these: Where Jesus was born…how He would be preceded by a messenger…how He would be betrayed by a friend…how He would enter Jerusalem on a donkey…for 30 pieces of silver…how the ‘Blood Money’ would be tossed into the Jerusalem Temple…how He would be silent before His accusers and…if you have ever read Psalm 22 then you cannot fail to conjure up images of Crucifixion.

The number-crunchers have come up with the answer that the chances of just these eight prophecies or predictions being fulfilled by one man alone is:


What might Paddy Power or Bet 365 make of those odds!

Given that, there are still a number of prophecies and predictions still to be fulfilled as Jesus returns once again a Judge of all.  So, if the Bible was spot-on accurate with everything concerning the first coming of Jesus, what is the betting that it will be just as accurate concerning all that is to come?

The more important question is what does it mean for us?  

Where do we stand when it comes to appearing before Jesus the Judge?  

Maybe this is something you have not given thought to or pushed such matters away for another time.  But, may we encourage you to give it some thought and put it on your ‘To Do’ list for this week.  

There is nothing worse than leaving things too late and regretting not having acted sooner.  Do speak to someone you know who is a believer, contact your local church or get in touch with us here. To find out more about us and where we are coming from, simply scan the QR code which will take you through to our website.  

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