Forget James Bond, What About Me…?

Fans of 007 will be very familiar with titles such as ‘Die another Day’ and ‘You Only Live Twice’, but did you know the Bible also talks about two births and two deaths?

The first birth is one all go through in flesh and blood and we have all had occasions to attend funeral services saying a fond farewell to those we have loved and lost, but what about the second birth and second death?

The Second Birth, or being born again, is not about enthusiastic religious extremism, but concerns a genuine determination to turn over a new leaf because of a sincere desire to be filled with the Spirit of God in order to live in this world by following His teaching and instruction.

The Second Death is often depicted by all sorts of monstrous art or works like Dante’s inferno.  To be sure, the Bible does talk about an eternal existence where God is out of the picture and humankind is able to do just whatever they please.

Now, that might sound attractive, but let’s think about it.  We know what people can do to people and the planet whilst there are restraints in this world, so just imagine what people might do if there are no such restrictions.

The Promise Of The Bible Is This;

We will all experience the first birth and the First Death, but….if we undergo the Second Birth, we will be spared the Second Death.

For those who accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour, then we will not die another day, but we will live twice – a life beyond the grave with God and the promise of no more pain, tears, suffering or death.

How does that sound?

It’s worth a thought…

We are just ordinary people who believe and trust in an extraordinary God.

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