The Tragedy That OXFAM Still Exists

It was in the 1940s that one of the big names in foreign aid was born; what we now know as OXFAM.  Their 50th anniversary was no cause for celebration; rather a sense of frustration that such assistance was still needed.  Over the years there have been other big names and events, as well as thousands of smaller charities, groups and individuals moved to ‘do their bit’ to help others less well off than themselves.  Every little bit makes a difference, but whilst some things have improved, others have not and, generally speaking, this world of ours is just as polarised as ever.

Whilst any aid projects are welcome, they only deal with the symptoms rather than the root cause.  Perhaps we might be better directing some of our so-called ‘righteous anger’ away from those who have different beliefs from us, or hold to a particular moral code and redirect such energy to those who prolong the agony of others in order to keep themselves in comfort.

Might we have lost some of the passion to protest against leaders of impoverished nations who enjoy untold luxury and live the ‘life of Riley’?

What about the chairman of global conglomerates (and their shareholders) who line their pockets on the fruit of modern-day slavery?

What about the politicians who are, er, somewhat ‘selective’ in recognising abuses in human rights when trade deals and other matters are further up the agenda?

Whilst it should never be a case of either supporting aid projects or engaging in protest & lobbying, surely there is a desperate need for both/and.

We might feel somewhat ordinary and insignificant, but let’s, each of us, consider at least one situation that disturbs us and consistently write (in pen, not typed or emailed), join a lobby group, or perhaps determinedly boycott a product, brand or service.

If you are a person of faith, then prayer is not to be sneezed at. The God of the Bible tells us that the prayer of a believer in Him has a very powerful effect! I don’t know what you reckon, but it’s worth a thought!

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