Why don’t people go to Church?

Maybe these are some of the things that go through their mind…

Perhaps they think that, first, they have to get their life together…

It is a place filled with hypocrites…

The Church is only after their money…

Some worry about how they should look and what should they wear…

Others feel nervous about fitting in…

Could it be that they’ve had something of a ‘past’, shall we say and that may not be acceptable…

Then there are those who are not sure they can tick all the boxes when it comes to believing what the church states it holds dear…

Perhaps some of these things ring a bell with you and that is why you don’t go to Church.

Maybe it’s not all like that at all.

None of us are without a little hypocrisy if we’re honest, so, yes, we are all imperfect.

So it is that Church can actually be a place for new beginnings and where forgiveness can be found.

It is people who are priceless, so if you come across a Church that is just interested in money then, fair enough, it is one to be avoided!

You might have had experience of Church in one of the major denominations, or indeed, a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing!

Please don’t worry about bringing your doubts with you, they are more than welcome.

A Church family is about relationship not religion.

Nobody is perfect, beginners are welcome, forgiveness is offered, hope is alive and, yes, it is OK to not be OK, really.

Try us for size or check out a Church near you and we hope you will soon feel like you fit right in. 

Finally, in terms of is there some kind of dress code, then as long as you are decently covered, then come as you are!

I don’t know what you reckon, but surely it is worth a thought…

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