If at first (and all that…)

If I was God, I really believe I would have given up on mankind a long time ago. The Bible is given to us as a Holy Book, but it is far from filled with Holy People!

Right from the beginning of time we see that we have been endowed with all that we need and more. However, right from the very beginning of time itself, we also read of rebellion, selfishness and greed. You scratch my back and I’ll stab yours and all that from the people that are supposed to know better.

Sadly the song, all too often, remains the same. A line from an Eagles song comes to mind, 

“It seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table, but you only want the ones you can’t get.”

Yes, if I was God, I really believe I would have given up on mankind long ago. However, the Bible is clear that give up on mankind, He did not.

“At just the right time…” we are told that Jesus died, not just for the faithful but explicitly we read, “for the ungodly.” 

That ‘right time’ was a little over 2000 years ago and began with an unpromising start.

For sure, the so-called ‘Christmas Story’ does not mention donkeys, innkeepers or so much of the paraphernalia we have come to consider essential. What is crucial, though, is not to leave the baby Jesus in the manger.

If we follow the life of the man, we know, as Jesus and take on board everything that He has to show us about who God is and who we are, then we will get a much better idea about what life on earth is all about.

You are most welcome to join us to celebrate that God did not give up on mankind.  Along with the Joy Gospel Choir, we are hosting a special Christmas Carol Concert on Friday 16th December at 4pm.  Tickets are free, but spaces are limited and so booking is essential.

The world is a tough place at times and life can be difficult in so many ways.  We may feel ‘powerless’, as the Bible puts it, but it is at just this sort of time that God is inviting us to remember that, despite the odds, He never has given up on mankind.

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