There’s more to Advent than chocolate calendars

The teachings of Jesus are not always comfortable, nor are they always neatly systematic. In our politically correct age, He can seem divisive.  Questions concerning why some are healed but not others and why do bad things happen to good people are the very stuff of tricky debates and difficult discussions. The dark night of the soul raises issues that are not easily dealt with using a regulation ‘tick box’ list.

However, faith is something that, by its very name is self-defining. The Bible tells us that it is trusting in what we hope for, but do not yet see.

It requires patience…

It requires exercising…

It requires trust…

The Christian definition of hope is not based on merely blind faith.  It is founded in the promises of God; the God who has revealed Himself in the Scriptures, be it the Psalms, the Prophets, the Gospels of the New Testament or the letters to the early Church.

This time of year is the season of Advent and perhaps seemingly most well-known for chocolate calendars!  However, there is more to it than that.  Over the centuries it became a time for meditating on the deeper issues of life, death and life after death.  All of this may seem a million miles from Mars Bars and Milky Ways, but believers rejoice in the perspective of hope that believes and trusts in Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour.  There is life beyond the grave that brings peace over and above anything this world can offer as an alternative.

The journey back to God is often a long and winding road with many a twist and turn and even for the most dedicated pilgrim there are times of confusion or despair, but the Christian faith tells us that our walk through this life, however long or short, is not a journey onto nothingness, but a pilgrimage on the route that leads to the ultimate City of God. The Christian faith teaches us to pray with a patience that does not put down ultimatums, yet at the same time, has the confidence to be expectant of an answer.  

Well, I don’t know what you think about whether or not there is life on the other side of the grave, but surely this is worth a thought.  You might like to talk to someone you know who is a Christian, contact your local Church, or maybe get in touch with us.  We are just ordinary people who believe and trust in an extraordinary God, 

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Kind regards and every blessing

Pastor Andy Neale

Salt Church, Los Alcazares

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