Tracing our family tree and exploring how far back we can go seems to have become a growing hobby. Programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are? have fuelled the fire as we watch with interest the heroes or villains that have gone before some of our well known celebrities.

For the Ancient Israelites nation, it was extremely important that they traced their heritage. The Bible mentions mostly men, perhaps because women didn’t hold such a high place in society back then. However, in Matthew’s Gospel we read of four women who are mentioned as direct descendants of Jesus. They are Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba and what is particularly poignant is that each of them have an intriguing past which was far from straightforward.

There is too much to mention here, but they are accounts of real lives with real back stories. What they all have in common is this; that God can be trusted and He does not hold our past against us. Indeed, He often works through those that society might reject.

We all have some sort of skeleton in our cupboards and we all have a back story, but the glorious good news is this God; He isn’t interested in our past. He is interested in our futures.

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