Was Mary quite so contrary?

For those of a younger generation, the name Mary Whitehouse may not mean a lot.  However, for those of us a little longer in the tooth, we will remember her as a formidable character.  What we made of her would depend on what side of the fence we stood.  For some, she was a passionate campaigner for decency whilst others saw her as an interfering do-gooder out to spoil the newly found freedoms of sex, drugs and rock n roll!

What is for certain though, is that she was someone committed and consistent in her beliefs, uncompromising in her stance and prepared to count the cost.  Over time she was pilloried, abused (sometimes physically), she received death threats and, on one occasion, an effigy of her was lowered on a rope during one of her speeches.

Nevertheless, she continued to campaign against pornography which, to be honest, was far less graphic and widespread than it is today.  In 1974 she wrote, “The young today are more pressurised and exploited than ever before.  I’m fighting for their right not to be exploited.”

In addition, she was ahead of her time in foreseeing the impact of modern technology.  At an IT industry conference a year later in 1975, she shared her fears that technology was overstepping itself, “It does seem to the lay mind that the power of computer technology can reach a point where man is incapable of arresting the forces which he has released.”

Interestingly, her diaries and writings are being re-read and her contribution to society is being reassessed.

Was Mary Whitehouse a passionate campaigner for decency or an interfering busy-body out to spoil our new-found freedoms of sex, drugs and rock n roll?

Was she just another up-tight Christian religious protester or could she have been a prophet ahead of her time?

As we look ahead to the future and ask just what kind of world will our grandchildren and great grand children grow up in, maybe we want to ask ourselves if Mary, Mary was quite so contrary after all?

I don’t know what you reckon, but it’s worth a thought…

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