Where to take it

Irresponsible disposal of rubbish can create as many problems as illegal dumping of rubbish.

recycling 13592172 1661169437542288 6516272331555431594 nHow many people dump items that could have gone in the recycling bins into the general rubbish bins?
How many times have you gone to put your rubbish in the bins only to find it full of cardboard boxes, plastics or garden waste?

The rubbish bin areas on Camposol are not the place to dump unwanted furniture or household items. Dumping of these items can attract vermin and provide a breeding ground for cockroaches and other insects.

There are a number of garden waste skips and recycling points provided on Camposol. There is also an Ecoparque within a 10 minute drive as well as a Mobile Collection service.

Make-up remover pads, baby wipes, household cleaning wipes, many of which advertisers encourage us to flush away after use, do not break down in water; much better to bin them.

The incorrect disposal of cooking oil by tipping it down the sink can cause problems in the sewers, especially if there has also been the incorrect disposal of wipes down the toilet. Cooking fats and oils that have been poured down the sink, then solidify and form a fatberg, blocking sewers and causing sewerage back-ups; not a nice thing to deal with. Furthermore, fatbergs provide food for rats and cockroaches thus assisting their breeding.

recycling 13592838 10208341839317456 992461298857222367 nLarge household items can be taken to the Ecoparque or left adjacent to your closest Garden Waste Skip or phone the Mobile Collection service on 968 333 294 to arrange collection.

Building materials/rubble must be taken to the Ecoparque

Garden Waste Skips:

Sector A: C/Andalucia and C/La Coruňa
Sector B: Lower Car Park, C/Jara
Sector C: C13 C/Aljibe and C11 C/Aljibe
Sector D: D7 C/Robles and D38 C/Esparraquera

Main Recycling Points:

Sector A: Commercial area
Sector B: Lower Car Park, C/Jara
Sector C: C12 Avda de los Covachos and C/Aljibe close to Golf Club

Oil recycling point is on Sector B, Lower Car Park, C/Jara

recycling cartel ecoparque movilEcoparque:

Hours: 7am-2pm and 5pm-7pm Monday to Friday and 7am-12pm Saturday.
The Ecoparque is on the RM-332, Mazarrón-Águilas Road, by “Las Pedreras Viejas”.

We all have a duty of care over our waste, even after it has left our home or premises. If you or your business pay someone to remove your waste – a man with a van, builders, gardeners or other tradespeople – make sure you know where your waste will go.

Next month, we’ll be talking about fly-tipping.

Fiona Killick and Jackie Drewe

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