The flower for this month is the Rose, for its great flowering. There is a huge selection of Roses including scented ones such as Meilland, which are floribundas.

Memoire is a single very elegant Rose. There are high-scented shrubby and climbing Minivalla Rose, many of which flower all of the year. The Rose comes in many different colours and the flowers can be single or double.

The Rose is very easy to care for, but you must take care with excess water as in these damp conditions give way to a fungus that is hard to remove. To avoid fungus, spray the Rose plants weekly with a measure of 2.5-3 ml per litre of special anti-fungal liquid for plants. If your Roses already have the fungus, it is better to apply a systemic anti-fungicide applied every three weeks, but it is better to try to prevent the fungus appearing by spraying once a week.

Other problems that can be found on Roses are caterpillars or mealy bugs or aphids. Again, use an anti-bug spray regularly to kill these creatures as they will eventually destroy the Rose plant if left.

The use of compost is super important in early spring as this can encourage the foliage and it will help the first flowering buds to increase the colour and number of Roses.