At the time of writing this month’s article we are all living through a health crisis caused by the coronavirus. This pandemic has gained more attention worldwide and a greater response than many of us have seen in our lifetimes.

The virus is currently and rapidly changing the way we live. We don’t have to list all the problems the lockdown is causing; we’re living with them! The reduction in air travel is making it difficult to be with loved ones and the loss of jobs and income and the physical and mental stress of getting used to a ‘new normal’ are just a few.

Sadly, families around the world are grieving the loss of loved ones and all of us are experiencing a flood of ever-changing information.
What can Jesus-followers do to live out their faith and be what God wants us to be in their community during the coronavirus?

God made us to live with courage—not to create chaos.

We are called to be wise and responsible. We should observe all the recommended precautions given by the medical professionals, the World Health Organisation and other officials; not just to protect ourselves, but to protect others, especially the most vulnerable amongst us. In the Bible Jesus often reminded us to protect the most vulnerable.

As Christians, we should live our lives as an example to others and demonstrate wisdom, sympathy, a caring attitude and take one day at a time and of course, we should pray. We should pray for those affected, for the tireless workers caring for those who are affected and for the international authorities who are working around the clock to prevent, contain and eradicate this virus. As Christians, we are called to all those things.

Being physically separated during our services takes a bit of getting used to, but it doesn’t stop us from being ‘the church’. The church was never intended to be a building; the church is the people of God.
We are working hard to find new ways of supporting each other and caring for the vulnerable in these particularly testing times.
I want to finish with the same few lines that I used last month:
Maybe this is a time to start trying to live life a little differently.
Maybe this is the time to give God a try.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many of us to a crossroads in our lives.
Before you decide which road to take, don’t you think you ought to find out more about Jesus?

At the time of writing, our Sunday morning services start at 11am, but are subject to change, so please give us a call if you would like to join us and find out more about Jesus. We would love to welcome you.
Our services are held mainly in Spanish with translation into English via headsets (provided). Parts are sometimes in English translated into Spanish.

Our Sunday morning services are held at Calle Espinar 13, Fuente Alamo.