Bi-lingual Evangelical Church in Fuente Alamo.

In life we know that storms come.
They come in many different ways and different intensities.
They come and buffet us from all sides and directions.
They can be financial worries, bereavement, loss, sickness, infirmity, jobs, marriage problems, worries over children, adversity.

These are just a few of the trials and storms we can face, but there are many others too.

I’m sure that there is nobody on earth who can’t share testimony that at least once, or I’m sure many times more than once, he or she has had to confront a storm. The key is in how we handle the storms in our lives. Often, our human nature leads us to deal with our problems by finding someone else to blame. Often we blame God.

Why does God allow the storms in our lives?
God allows the storms in our lives to mould us, strengthen us and draw us close to Him. We could compare it to a gardener pruning a tree. For a tree, pruning must be a very traumatic event; a real storm in its life.

The tree may seem to be doing fine. Why not leave it alone? The gardener knows that if not pruned, the tree’s branches will become brittle and weak.

I look at my trees in the garden, I don’t like pruning them, but I know it is necessary for the tree to be productive in the future. For a while, the tree doesn’t appear to be doing very much, but its roots are going down deeper, getting stronger and in due course it will bear much fruit and so God uses the storms in our lives to prune us. We may see it as an unnecessary and painful procedure. The pruning may result in people who we thought were friends being removed from our lives. Things that we thought we needed may be taken away, but after pruning, when the season is right, blossom and fruit will form.

Storms can leave us reeling and feeling tossed around; feeling like we’re in a wilderness, a dry and thirsty place and at times, when blossom has started to form, another storm has come and set us back again. We feel like we have been uprooted and replanted in an unfamiliar place and there has been much pruning which is painful.

What we must be sure of is that we are not alone. Jesus is with us and He will help us. A storm is only a bad moment in a good life.

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