Bi-lingual Evangelical Church in Fuente Alamo
Smoke detectors have an internal switch which is triggered by a beam of light. As long as that beam of light reaches the photosensitive receiver unbroken, the detector remains quiet, but if smoke obstructs the beam, even for just a split second, the alarm sounds. Paying attention to that alarm can make the difference between life and death. It would be foolish to ignore it and so it is with our conscience.

When we knowingly do something wrong, it can damage the connection between us and those we have wronged. That can often be someone close to us, or someone we love. Your conscience signals that something isn’t right and alarm bells ring and we just don’t have a peace about what we have done.

The same principle applies to our relationship with God.
When sin or wrong-doing obstruct the connection between you and God, your conscience signals that something is wrong and if you decide to just plough on regardless, your conscience will prevent you from being at ease with yourself.

We should thank God for giving us a conscience!
Our conscience alerts us to the dangers of heading off down the wrong track and only a fool would ignore the warning.

Is your conscience telling you that maybe you are further away from God than you should be? Perhaps you should listen to that alarm!

If you would like to find out more about a Heavenly Father who loves you, why not join us on Sunday morning? Our services start with a great time of lively praise and worship in a wonderful, joyful atmosphere. You will be made very welcome. Feel free just to sit quietly at the back if that’s what you would like to do. You will be put under no pressure whatsoever.

Our services are held mainly in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English via headsets (provided) with parts sometimes in English translated into Spanish.

Our Sunday morning services start at 11.30am at Calle Espinar 13, Fuente Alamo.

For more information telephone:
Pastors Ginés and Toñi (Spanish) 629 283 080
Pete or Belinda (English) 618 896 957/699 707 954