As I sit down to write this month’s article we are in mid-December and (for most of us!) the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed a little. People are now allowed to travel outside of their municipality and we look forward to once again being able to fellowship with those who have not been able to travel. It is wonderful when God’s people gather together to praise and worship Him. 

We are able to hold our Sunday morning services in church whilst observing all the safety advice aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19.  We must all do our part to keep each other safe. The regulations may change at any time, so please contact us if you would like to join us.  We would love to welcome you.

For many, 2020 will go down as a year in which we experienced a great deal of worry, stress, anxiety and even sadness; a time when we missed so much precious time with those we love, but right now there is a great deal of optimism concerning the progress being made to overcome the virus, so this month I want us to build on that optimism and spread it to all aspects of our lives.

Over recent weeks, when reading God’s word, I have been drawn to the subject of JOY. The JOY spoken about in the Bible doesn’t mean just short-term happiness, a bit of fun or a laugh; the JOY of the Lord is a deep-seated, everlasting sense of peace and contentment.

It may sound strange, but the time has come for us all to take JOY seriously. No-one wants to be around a joyless person. You can become a joyful person.  Turn to God. With His help it really is possible, but joyfulness does not come naturally to us all.  It is an acquired skill.

Having God in your life will make it much easier, but you must take responsibility for your own JOY.

JOY is at the heart of God’s plan for all of mankind and we will never understand the significance of JOY in our own lives until we realise how important it is to God. God didn’t put us on this earth to be miserable.  It delights the Lord to see His people happy.

JOY can be found when we pursue activities that bring pleasure, gathering with people we love and celebrating together. Deep down, spiritual JOY can be found when we celebrate whilst reflecting on the wonderful God who has given us so much.

Seek out the joy of the Lord.  It could change your life for ever!

At the time of writing, our Sunday morning services start at 11am, but are subject to change, so please give us a call before you travel.

Our Sunday morning services are held at Calle Espinar 13, Fuente Alamo.