Bi-Lingual Evangelical Church In Fuente Alamo

It is hard to believe that this is our last article for the Costa Cálida Chronicle in 2019.  By the time you read this Christmas will be just a few weeks away. Millions around the world will be celebrating with what, for them, is just another excuse to party; a time to eat too much, drink too much and probably spend too much. Many will then spend days, weeks or even months trying to recover, lose weight and balance their finances.

Don’t get me wrong; Christians know how to party and have good time.  We enjoy all the fun of the Christmas festivities just the same as everyone else. We enjoy wonderful times of fellowship around our very special Christmas meals with family and friends and have a great time giving and receiving gifts, but for those who believe in our Jesus, Christmas is so much more. It is a time to celebrate the birth of the Son of God, sent to earth to live amongst us as a man and to ultimately die on a cross in order to save us from sin and to prepare a way for us to approach our Heavenly Father directly and with confidence.

The birth of the baby Jesus was the most significant event on earth since creation itself. What greater reason could there be for celebrating?

His birth and His death on the cross opened the gates of Heaven to you.

You have a Heavenly Father who loves you. He’s waiting to hear from you.

Why not give Him a try?

You’ve got nothing to lose and it may change your life forever.

Why not join us one Sunday morning?  You will receive a very warm welcome and enjoy the fellowship of a great bunch of fun loving people from many nations.  Our services are held mainly in Spanish with translation into English via headsets (provided).  Parts are in English translated into Spanish. Our Sunday morning service starts at 11.30am at Calle Espinar 13, Fuente Alamo.