Every month as I sit down to write our article for the Costa Cálida Chronicle I give a lot of thought to how I can get the many non-Christians out there to read past the first few lines! (That’s if I can get them past the heading!!!!).

Maybe an eye-catching picture would do it, but that’s not my style.

Are you still reading?

That’s great.

If we’ve managed to get you to read the article, what do we have to do to get you to Church?

To be successful in the eyes of the world, all the Church has to do is to preach what people want to hear. In our own day-to-day lives it’s always tempting to ‘take the safe route’ – saying and doing what we think will make us popular with others.

Many may feel that going to Church would make them look ‘odd’ in the eyes of family and friends. It doesn’t fit in with their life-style. It’s tempting to shy away from the truth because it may upset someone, or because it’s not politically correct.

People don’t want to hear that they are missing out on so much. Maybe pride is telling you that you’ve done okay on your own; you don’t need this God stuff.

Why not join us one Sunday morning?

Find out more about Jesus.  

He has so much more for you.

Here at Rios De Vida you’ll receive a very warm welcome and enjoy the fellowship of a great bunch of fun-loving people from many nations. Our services are always blessed by a wonderful time of praise and worship. Just relax and sit quietly at the back if that’s what you want to do. Just leave the cares of this world at the door for a couple of hours and open your heart and mind for what your Heavenly Father may have for you.

It may change your life for ever.

Our services are held mainly in Spanish with translation into English via headsets (provided).  Parts are sometimes in English translated into Spanish.

On the first Sunday of every month we enjoy a fellowship meal together after the service.

Our Sunday morning service starts at 11.30am at Calle Espinar 13, Fuente Alamo.