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Renewable Energy

One of the main driving factors for the adoption of Renewable Energy is to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels due to the negative impact their use has on the environment.   The burning of fossil fuels has been linked to the increase of greenhouse gasses, in particular CO2.  Although some politicians may debate whether climate change is real, scientists have linked the increase of greenhouse gasses to climate change.  The current global average temperature is 0.85°C higher than it was in the late 19th century and some of the effects of this increase are already being seen.  The impact of climate change will affect us all and some of the changes that scientists are predicting for us include the following:

Jaws Coming To British Waters

Different species of exotic shark including the Great White could migrate to the seas around Britain.  Already in June of this year, a 5m Great White was spotted on the coast of Mallorca in the Mediterranean.

Bumpy Plane Rides

Recent research has shown that severe turbulence is likely to dramatically increase if carbon dioxide levels continue to rise.

Coffee, Wine and Chocolate Shortages

The production of coffee, wine and chocolate will be at risk as climate change impacts the regions where they are grown.

We Will Be Angrier

Researchers have already linked warmer climates with higher levels of impulsive behaviour and even violence.  If temperatures continue to rise as expected, we could see these behavioural changes in areas further north.

Tropical Islands Will Disappear

As sea levels continue to rise, some low-lying islands such as the Maldives are at serious risk of disappearing completely.  Closer to home, rising sea levels are also threatening Venice as the buildings there are already sinking.

Whilst these may not seem that serious, there are other much more devastating consequences of climate change.  If the temperature increases just 2°C compared to that in pre-industrial times, the risk of dangerous and possibly catastrophic changes in the global environment is much higher.  The adoption of Renewable Energy helps protect the environment as well as protecting you from rising energy costs.

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