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Green Energy Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

As the New Year begins, here at Free-Sol Solar we’ve been carrying out the usual annual reviews and planning, but we thought it may be interesting to share some future trends from the renewable industry.  Whilst all of these products exist today, there may be a little way still to go before they become part of our day-to-day lives.

Picture courtesy Sono Motors GmbH

1. Solar Powered Cars

As the world’s automotive manufacturers plough their research and development funds into electric cars, last year Sono Motors, a start-up from Munich, launched the Sion, a solar powered car.  In October, a Dutch futuristic family car, Nuna 9, won the annual World Solar Challenge in Australia after travelling at an average speed of 81.2kmh.  Maybe you are thinking the next car you buy will be an electric one and as technology continues to develop with a solar car, your car will be capable of generating more power than it consumes and when it is parked at home, it can be charging and supplying energy back to the grid.

2. Solar Clothing

Researchers in Japan have developed a solar cell that can be attached to clothes and washed.  The ultra-thin organic cell is stretchy and flexible and is expected to be used for wearable devices and e-textiles.  The aim was to develop a power source for sensors monitoring things like blood pressure, heartbeat and body temperatures that can be easily attached onto clothes.   Will this mean no more charging your wearable devices?

3. Emission-Free Air Taxis

The HY4 plane can carry four people, including the pilot and runs on an electrical current from a supply of hydrogen and oxygen, aided by a battery.  It is a greener way to travel as it emits nothing except water vapour into the atmosphere.  Instead of the Murcia to Madrid AVE you may be taking an emission-free air taxi in future.

Whatever the long-term future may hold, the renewable energy industry is agreed that when it comes to solar, not only have solar panels got cheaper, but they have got more functional.

Will 2018 be the year you start having the sun work for you?

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