2 recycling workshops for children have already taken place, 1 in San Isidro neighbourhood and the other in La Cañadica

The animation company ‘El Molino’ have developed a series of activities, as a game, to make children aware of the importance of recycling. As explained by the company “the main objective of these activities is to teach the classification and separation of waste or garbage, in order to learn in which container each material goes, with the help of interactive games in which learning and fun go hand in hand ”.

For this reason, it encourages mothers and fathers to attend every Friday at 9:00 p.m. in the different neighbourhoods and districts, before a show of puppets and magic begins, “to participate in these educational programmes, aimed at promoting respect for nature and to know the advantages of a good use of its resources ”.

In this way, the company ‘El Molino’ will attend the different neighbourhoods and districts on the following dates:

07/24: Cañada de Gallego, on the sports court
07/31: La Aceña, next to the sports hall
08/07: Barrio El Salitre, Plaza el Salitre
08/14: Bolnuevo, beach next to the campsite
08/21: La Majada, sports court
08/28: La Ermita, Calle Paseo del Santo