Exciting new novel released by local Author

Due for release on August 1st is a long awaited new novel from author Quentin Cope.


Quentin Cope was born in to a nearly bankrupt, struggling post war Britain in 1946 and spent a generally miserable youth amongst the beautiful rolling hills and dry stone walls of rural Oxfordshire.

He swapped mediocrity and an unacceptable education for a life of absolute adventure by joining Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force as a boy of fifteen. He never looked back. After serving time on 58Sqdn Photo Reconnaissance, playing about with Canberra PR9 spy planes, Quentin decided he needed to travel. He left the Air Force and working for a major UK Telecommunications company, voyaged extensively to strange places, working on strange projects for even stranger governments.

In 1973, he travelled to Dubai, a place on a map literally no one had heard of, blessed with a few tarmac roads, several mosques, infrequent electricity and even less frequent water supplies. For the next 25 years he became part of that hard living, hard drinking, frontier brigade that enabled a startlingly beautiful and completely self contained glass city to rise out of the parched and unforgiving desert; a place that is now the home of multi millionaires, some elements of mysteriously deposed royalty and a good scattering of International scam merchants. Using his own aeroplane, Quentin travelled extensively throughout the Arabian Gulf and used Dubai as a base to see much of the Indian Sub-Continent, East Africa and the Far East. He now leads a much more settled life at a more sedate pace, in Spain where the weather is often good and the people regularly generous, inspiring him to write full time.

Quentin now lives at Camposol, near Mazarrón.

‘The Unicorn Conspiracy’ is a fast paced, gripping work of fiction built around real events leading up to a very genuine fear of World War Three erupting on October 6th 1973, when the first Egyptian and Syrian tank tracks made their surprisingly confident, initial impressions on Israeli soil.

The Yom Kippur War, as the conflict was eventually named, brought East and West to the brink of nuclear annihilation, but was there some cruel plan behind this unwinnable adventure? Maybe, within the pages of this superbly written novel, one can speculate that the answer to such a question would be…Yes!

This 450 page paperback is available on Amazon as is the Kindle E-Book version. For those who wish to meet the author, Quentin will be attending book signings at the following venues.

The Teapot, Puerto de Mazarrón on Friday September 14th from 12-2pm

TJ’s Bar, Camposol B on Sunday September 30th from 3-5pm