Quentin Cope was born in the UK and spent his youth surrounded by the pleasant countryside of Middle England in Oxfordshire. After serving time in the Air Force, he took on several jobs as a contract engineer that allowed him to travel extensively across Eastern and Western Europe and then into Africa.

In the early 70’s, Quentin headed for Dubai and for the next 25 years worked in the oil and gas, well drilling and construction industries to become part of the extraordinary growth of a place that literally rose out of a desert wasteland. After returning to the UK in the late 90’s, still restless, Quentin decided to spend some ‘writing time’ in Spain, a decision that has served him well with the completion and publishing of eleven books to the beginning of 2016 and another full-length biography due for release in September.

Deliver by Moonlight – A New Historical Drama

A search is on for the long-lost illegitimate child of Eve, Madame of Le Chabanais; the most famous Bordello in 1920’s Paris. With the tragic death of her mentor gnawing at her sanity she moves south to begin a new less-complicated life. However, in 1940, the Nazi invasion of France forces her into the murky, underground world of fearless Maquis fighters looking for retribution against a background of British spy’s overseeing the reluctant birth of the American OSS. The battle is on to win the hearts and minds of the French Résistance leaving Eve committed to a life of covert activity that will lead her to face a truth she never thought possible and dedicated to the ultimate survival of a complete stranger.

This intriguing historical drama following the life of one courageous woman and a defiantly brave young man will take you back to a time between world wars of hedonistic Parisian pleasures and the following much darker days of invasion and despair.

The 440 page paperback version is available on Amazon worldwide as is the Kindle E-Book.
Other books by Quentin Cope include:

The Doksany Legacy – Feb 2014
It’s winter 1987. Mohsen Raza, merciless head of Iran’s feared Revolutionary Guard, hunts millionaire oilman Declan Doyle, whose personal undertaking to deliver the Geneva Project – a vital offshore oilfield installation in the Persian Gulf, crucial to the survival of an Iranian economy, weakened by the war with Iraq – has proven worthless.

Englishman Doyle, desperate to escape Raza’s retribution and save his company, makes a frantic last throw of a set of dice loaded heavily against him. Evading Raza’s forces he flees the tiny Arab state of Abu Nar, feverishly bent on seeking the truth in a dying man’s story of Nazi treasure, one great enough to finance and complete the Geneva Project, saving him from a possibly agonising end at Raza’s hands.

With nail-biting action from the start, Doyle’s frantic escape from his Iranian hunters leads him through dangerous, unpredictable Mujahideen-controlled Pakistan, onward to Northern Europe and finally to the Arab enclave of Dhofar, a desolate place that holds the key to possibly saving his life … a life spent cheating and ruled by greed for which he knows, inevitably, a price must be paid. What Doyle cannot know is his chequered past and discovery of much sought after Nazi treasure, has set other hunters on his trail – and Mohsen Raza may not end up being the very worst of them.