What has no effect until it affects your LIFE?? – Silently

Reflecting over the impact Covid-19 has had and its sudden arrival, a thought suddenly occurred to me how very similar it is to one of the persons of the Trinity; ‘The Holy Spirit’.  Neither can be physically seen, tasted, touched, smelt or handled.  Both commence from the inside out. How they got there is a mystery both to man and science.  Both are able to change and turn lives upside down and differ enormously in their long term effects. The fundamental difference is one we choose to have, the other springs itself upon us uninvited.  Scientists are baffled where the virus came from and where it will take us, but Christians know where the Holy Spirit comes from and where it will take us and that He dwells within us. 

The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity who prompts us to realize that there is something missing in our lives and we start looking and questioning what it could be.  On realizing through His promptings we need Jesus, we become those who are ‘born again’; those who have realized that they need and want Jesus in their lives, believing that Jesus died on the cross for their sins in their place and who repent asking Him to forgive them, believing also that Jesus rose from the dead and by faith ask Him into their life.

This indwelling of Jesus through His Holy Spirit, then mysteriously enters our life.  Romans 8 verses 6, 11 and Romans 14 verses 17-18 speak of the Holy Spirit imparting eternal life, joy and peace to us.  2 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 22 and chapter 5 verse 5 explains that if we don’t have the Holy Spirit living in us, we are not God’s children and we cannot worship God as He desires us to.  Without the Holy Spirit’s help it’s impossible to please or worship God acceptably, but He stirs within us a correct desire by entering our awareness, giving us the will to worship God as He knows God wants to be worshipped.

The Christian’s character and virtues are dependent and produced by the Holy Spirit, whose promptings and encouragement heed us to follow them so that changes take place in us to become more like Jesus; one step at a time. They are not mere moral disciplines of trying to live ‘the good life’ by the law or any other way in our own strength.  Eternal life with God, led by the Holy Spirit to Him, is our destination.

The Covid-19 virus is an unwanted, an uninvited guest in our lives, not of our choosing and can lead us to who knows where.  Acceptance of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit the Godhead (3 in One – God) are all relevant and necessary to being ‘born again’, leading us to Heaven and peace with God eternally.

The choice of accepting God into your life is yours. Will you do it?

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