Buying A House In Spain – some recommendations:
If you are thinking of buying a house in Spain, you should know a couple of very important things to pay attention to.

First of all, when you visit the house and you decide to buy it, before signing any kind of contract, ask for the ‘nota simple registral’. The property sellers should give you that. If they don’t, you can ask the property sellers to give you the information of the Property Register of the house and ask for a ‘nota simple’ from the following website:

The ‘nota simple’ will cost you around 10€, but this could save you from a lot of problems later. Of course the owner should be on the ‘nota simple’ as owner in ‘100% pleno dominio’, otherwise each owner that appears on the document should sign on the selling contract.

In the ‘nota simple’, these are very important parts; the debts or ‘cargas’. There are two of them:
‘Cargas de procedencia’, accounting to the final distribution of the house. This one cannot be erased.
‘Resto de cargas’, where usually the bank overwrites the loan.
Analysing a ‘nota simple’, could be difficult if there are many debts on it, so we recommend you contact professional help before you buy.

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