Registering Your Guests – PART 2

Following on from last month’s article, several readers have been in touch to ask questions and give me some feedback or, as ever, to ask why their own applications have been unsuccessful!

Here are some answers which should help you decide your best route forward for registration and beyond:

  • A couple of people tell me they have gone to the Guardia Civil with a completed form and the Guardia did not know what to do with it! I have found that every time I go! The first challenge is to explain to the duty agent exactly what I am there to do. Many agents are not familiar with the paperwork or the system. However, you can’t just drop off a form and expect to be registered and the form that many people seem to be downloading and completing isn’t actually worth filling in, as the Guardia won’t accept it. It only serves a memory prompt for you if you need to note down your data.
  • On the same note, some people have tried emailing the form to the Guardia and asked me to check if it has arrived. This is also not an option, as the Guardia won’t answer these emails and again, the form is not valid. Your data has to be entered by them in person at the moment when they generate your access code and password.
  • As mentioned last month, there are several apps out there which capture guest’s passport and ID data and some clients have asked me if they use the app to scan and capture guests data, do they still need to keep a physical book of ‘partes’ in the house, with paper copies? I asked the Guardia Civil about this and the answer is ‘YES’. The legislation covering the capturing and storing of this data was introduced in 2003 and has not yet been updated. It does not cover the use of new technology and the apps now available, as when the law was introduced these apps did not exist. 

According to my contact in the Guardia, in future when the legislation is revised then it be modified to allow guest info to be stored solely online or in an app, but at the moment you need to keep a folder or file with a separate parte signed by each guest over the age of 16, according to the template annexed to the legislation.

Due to the demand in registrations, I am now at the Guardia Civil once a week and the Town Hall offices once a week to do both license applications and obtain passcodes for clients. Get in touch if you want to be added to the list for either service and remember that if you use Murcia Solutions to obtain your passcodes, you also get basic instructions on how to access the website and enter guest data in English. Now that should make it easier!!

Liz Edmiston

Murcia Solutions 

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