Work On Hold

Like many self-employed people, I am not able to work at the moment so this article is just a reminder that you can still register your interest for Murcia Solutions’ services throughout the lockdown period and I will be making applications after restrictions are lifted in date order.

Tourist Board Licenses

New registrations are on hold as Town Halls are closed. Turismo are sending out notifications by email now instead of registered letter, so I can still receive results from applications put in before the restrictions.

If you would like to apply for a licence, please contact me for details. I have seen a lot of false and inaccurate news and statements posted on Facebook and other social media regarding the rules, regulations and the process.

If in doubt, please ask someone who knows the facts!! You can follow me on @lizedmiston or @murciasolutions for updates and information.

Guardia Civil Registrations

My friends in the Guardia are a LITTLE bit busy with other matters just now, but normal service will be resumed eventually!

If you are renting out your holiday home, don’t forget that you need to be sending guest info to the police and need to do this via their online system.

ONLY legally registered holiday homes can do this, so if you are not complying with 1) above, I cannot register you. The fine is a double whammy for 2 non-compliances!!

If you would like to join the waiting list for Guardia registrations, please contact me. After lockdown ends I will be going weekly again, but the Guardia limit the number of application I can make at a time so I don’t tie up the agent for too long. Now, there’s a nice thought, so there is currently a waiting list for this procedure.

As well as those services, if you need anything dealing with such as building licences, IBI or general translations, just contact me for help.

By the end of May I should also have another exciting venture going, but at the moment I am using lockdown to design a new website & Facebook page and these are not yet live. Watch this space! I’m keeping busy… well at least it stops me raiding the fridge every 10 minutes!

Call Liz Edmiston on + 34 662 556 433