Tourist Board Registration – Speeding UP & Catching UP!!
Some recent changes to the Registration process mean that your code is now issued before inspection. I’m all for anything that reduces the waiting time and the paperwork!

Now, once you have submitted your Modelo and paperwork correctly to Turismo, there is a delay of a couple of months before I receive an official email with a PROVISIONAL CODE for use on advertising. This is great news, as it means you have a code after 2 to 3 months as opposed to 5 to 7 months at the very end of the process.

The email does arrive with the caveat that the code is provisional, and that if the property does not pass the subsequent inspection, the code issued is void and cannot be used, but this is still good news as it means that folk can increase their marketing online. Some sites now will not let you complete the registration of your property unless you have a code for the box where the license info needs to be entered, so this is a positive step in cutting out waiting time.

There are now around 2,500 legally registered Viviendas Vacacionales, with occupancy of 12,500 places between them. Previous estimates put the number of illegal rentals at around 66,000 to 70,000 beds, but some experts consider a figure of over 100,000 illegal places more accurate, whilst the more strictly regulated hotel sector has dropped to around 22,000 available beds. No surprise then that increasing pressure from hotels now means more calls for regulation in private holiday homes and a recent urgently passed Royal Decree now means that the community of owners in a complex has been given more powers to veto and limit the addition of more holiday lets to minimise noise, disruption and aggravation for year-round residents, if three fifths of residents vote to agree this.

In addition, the Institute of Turismo announced at the end of last year that it is investigating new applications and technology to monitor the data published on online booking portals, such as AirBnB and Homeaway to capture the details of the owner of a property, location, prices charged and booking calendar.They have also announced the scheduling of a new inspection campaign to pick up on illegal rentals and try to regularize both the quality of properties and undeclared income from the ‘black economy’ generated by homes offered for rent in Murcia.

Contact me for more information and prices to get legal before summer arrives. Don’t wait until it’s too late!! My process is straight forward and thoroughly explained in English to property owners every step of the way and you can be at ease knowing you will be LEGAL TO RENT in 2019.

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