All Change For 2020!

A new Royal Decree at the end of 2019 has changed the paperwork and system for registering your rental property in Murcia, meaning all new applications will be now submitted under a different classification.

What does this mean?

  • New paperwork and a slightly different system for submitting the paperwork.
  • A different classification of the homes, although homes in the system previously as ‘Viviendas Vacacionales’ remain registered and in that category. Only new submissions are affected.
  • The facility to rent out rooms on an individual basis, although this can only be done if the owner of the property LIVES in the property and is on the PADRÓN at the same address.
  • The information provided to the guests before booking needs to be clear and specific with regard to the terms and conditions of the rental, meaning a basic booking contract is required.
  • The Tourist Board Registration number of any holiday home MUST be clearly stated on all publicity and websites, including if your registration has been done through a rental agent. Although agents register multiple properties under their agency code, each house STILL has a unique number and this is what MUST be displayed on your publicity. Make sure your agent does this!
  • The level of Civil Liability has been increased and now a minimum of 300,000€ is required, so check with your insurers.
  • New rules state that you must have basic information as laid down in the Decree on show in your home in AT LEAST English and Spanish, giving guests important information about the area.
  • You must display the contact telephone number of the 24 hour keyholder, who should be available for emergencies.

The list goes on – and is very comprehensive. New applications will be guided through all of this in English by Murcia Solutions. Liz can help you meet ALL of the requirements of the new decree.

One new step is that before putting in applications we now also have to declare the room sizes, in m2, of the bedrooms and living rooms, making life a little more difficult for overseas owners.

Fear not, my trusty laser measure is coming in very handy for that!!

If you are registering in 2020, please get in touch for more information and a price for the whole personalised process, which at the end of the day is so much more than just submitting a Modelo if you want to make sure you do everything properly.

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liz@murciasolutions.comfor more information.

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