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Several people have asked me recently “What happens to my Tourist Board Registration if I sell my home?”, so this month we will take a look at how selling your property affects the registration. Of course, from the other perspective, property buyers may also wonder what to do if their dream home in the sun has a large VV plaque at the front door! Don’t panic! It is quite straightforward, but you do need to complete the right paperwork and make sure you update the status of the property with Turismo.


If you can, find out directly from your buyer or solicitor if your purchaser wants to carry on renting the home. The registration is for the PROPERTY, but under your name and it does not expire.
If the new owner is happy to carry on renting, then you need to inform Turismo that there has been a change of owner for the property. If you do not do this, then Turismo will assume you are still renting it out.
If the new owners DO NOT want to rent the property, then the plaque should be carefully removed and Turismo need to be informed that the property will no longer be in the system as a registered holiday home. Make sure that you apply to have the property removed from their system.
Do this as soon as you can after signing at the notary, to keep the registration and paperwork in order (and before you forget!!)


If you have already bought a property that has previously been registered with the Tourist Board and it has a plaque at the door, the process is the same.
Ask the previous owners for the registration paperwork if you have not been given a copy. You will need this to get the unique code that refers to your holiday home.
Decide if you want to carry on renting out and if you do, make sure that you apply to have the registration changed into your name.
If you do NOT want to carry on renting out, then you can apply to de-register the property and carefully remove the plaque from the door.
Again, make sure you do this as soon as possible after completion to keep things in order.

As the property has previously passed the inspection, it will NOT need to be inspected again. Transferring responsibility simply means updating the details on the relevant systems. If you decide not to rent out in the future for any reason, IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO SIMPLY REMOVE THE PLAQUE FROM THE WALL. You have to complete the correct paperwork to remove the property from the system permanently. If you fail to do this, then Turismo will assume that YOU are still renting out the property and generating an income from it and are responsible for this holiday rental.

I can complete your paperwork and apply to have you de-registered or change the ownership of a Vivienda Vacacional, so if you have recently bought or sold and want to keep everything in order, then get in touch for advice and a price.

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