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It’s Private!

I know that many of you are following with interest our progress with our Tourist Board Registrations and happily all the agency paperwork is now finished, barring the new clients who we now register as they come on board with my agency.

I am also pleased to say that the first private registrations that I have been doing for clients under my ‘Murcia Solutions’ business are also now getting their TB inspections, or, as one delighted owner put it when he called me after his inspection, “The man from Del Monte he say yes!!”

I have to emphasise that if you speak fluent Spanish and know your way around the Town Hall then you can of course register your property yourself, but as with many things in Spain, a lot of people prefer to leave it in the hands of an agency. This does avoid all that time puzzling over the forms, sitting in the Town Hall and talking to Turismo!

You don’t need to market your property through OwnersAway and you can use your own key-holder for the inspection if you prefer, although Turismo prefer it if your key-holder can speak at least a bit of Spanish in the event of questions. The whole process takes a few months, as the wait for inspections is around 4 months now, but is getting shorter as Turismo get into their stride and a little better organised.

I do strongly recommend that if you are renting through websites, you apply for registration. Fines for private owners are from 1,001€ to 6,000€ for renting without registration, plus any other fines levied as penalties if you have not made the appropriate tax returns.

On that note, a new law will come into force, (target date July 2018), which obliges all intermediaries to tell the Hacienda (Tax Office) the income by person, by home if they have rented their holiday home, so agencies, websites and portals such as AirBnb and Tripadvisor will have to tell the tax man what you have earned, even if you don’t!

Obviously this means that the days of non-declarations and dodging any payable tax are numbered.

The larger portals have appealed, citing privacy of information, but it is unlikely that they will succeed given the size of the black money problem. This is called Modelo 179 and is currently just a Modelo, although I have already been asked to provide 2017 data for all my clients.

At the end of the day, I think all these changes will regularise the market and lead to more legal rentals, so I foresee a surge in demand for the Tourist Board registrations, as the authorities will be gathering info from all sides.

Please contact me on liz@murciasolutions.com if you would like to register.

Liz Edmiston

OwnersAway Property Rentals & Management

Tel 691 977 107