What’s In a Name??

I started working with the Murcia Tourist Board in 2017 and in the last few years things have certainly changed and developed in the holiday rental market.

The first properties were called ‘Viviendas Vacacionales’ and had a ‘VV’ symbol on their plaque. The ‘inspection’ was just a cursory look around the property; more often than not in and out in 15 minutes and only occupancy levels of Health and Safety issues led to the denying of the license.

How things have changed!

Firstly, your holiday home classification in Murcia has had a new name since 2019; a ‘Vivienda de Uso Turistico’ or ‘VUT’. The revised classification comes with a checklist with over 30 different criteria, some general to the property and some specific to each area or room. Room measurements are now used to determine the overall occupancy and the layout of the bedrooms and if your rooms are too small, the system will not even accept your paperwork.

I welcome the changes, despite the bureaucracy, as a way to continually improve the quality and safety of the holiday homes in the Region of Murcia. I do have to confess though that one or two of the criteria do make me cringe and I always have to explain to clients that it really isn’t ME that makes these things up!

Since the easing of COVID restrictions, enquiries for licences have started to increase again as owners prepare for summer, so I am busy collecting info and submitting papers. Inspections have started up again and although there is a backlog, Turismo assure me they are working through it.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are seeing that a lot of people who applied for a licence, or have been called for inspection, have now changed their plans and no longer want to rent their properties out due to changing circumstances. If this is the case, I can also apply for a ‘desistimiento’ to remove the active application and close your file.

Contact me if you need:

  • A pre-application inspection to advise you on what is required to pass the inspection.
  • To make a new application for a Tourist Board licence as a Vivienda de Uso Turistico.
  • To comply with the new rules, having been awarded a VV classification before November 2019.
  • Our Safety/Hygiene pack which includes all the items needed plus bilingual info folder and signage required to be displayed at the property.
  • If you have sold or want to stop holiday lettings and remove the property from the register if you were previously registered with Turismo. 
  • To transfer the license to another person

Advice is free, so if you need some guidance on applying or have any doubts on renting your property for holiday rentals, then email me to see how I can help.

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