Running a Legal Holiday Rental?

You should be Registering Your Holiday Guests!!

This is something that is required by law for all guests over the age of 16 and is deemed to be for reasons of security and safety for the residents of the area. Like most things we have to comply with here in Spain, there is a set of rules, forms and a standard procedure that needs to be followed.

What are the basic rules and how does it work??

  • Although it may sound a bit obvious, if your holiday let is not currently legally registered then you won’t be able to submit details to the police!! Unfortunately for you, this is now a double non-compliance for illegal renting and failure to provide the authorities with the guest’s information that is required by law. Getting your property registered with the Tourist Board and licensed is the first step to doing things correctly.
  • You then need to register your holiday rental with the Guardia Civil by going into the police station and registering in person. I can register your property for you if you do not speak Spanish.
  • I obtain your username and passcode which then allows you to access the police system and enter your guests’ details. I supply full instructions in English on how to do this.
  • You have 24 hours after the guests’ arrival to enter their details into the system and send this information to the authorities. 
  • Your guests should also sign a form on arrival on which you have completed their details, following the Guardía rules and you have to keep these forms for 3 years. I provide a guide in English, along with sample templates, to make this easier.
  • There are several apps available which automate the process if you want your guests to have an automated check-in without the presence of a keyholder. I can advise on the best ones and how they work, plus the pros and cons.

If you don’t feel confident registering yourself with the authorities, contact me and let Murcia Solutions take care of your registration process.

Liz Edmiston

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